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This page is designed to be a quick guide to our website. While our website is mainly a catalog listing of what we have for sale, it can also be an education by showing you a sample of what is available in the world of military manuals and articles, especially in the way of the out-of-print and obscure ones.
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What is Military/Info?
How to contact us
Military/Info can be contacted by Mail, Email, Fax, Telephone and Fax)
Military Books The 34 unique books, plus with 9 supplements for them, which we publish are on unusual military subjects, many of which are not found elsewhere.
Military Manual Photocopies We have 5125 often hard-to-find and often out-of-print military manual and book photocopy titles available. Our subject list has them organized into 229 topics, each with it's own page. Our manual list has them divided into 20 categories (like FM's, TM's, etc.).
Military Article Photocopies We also have 5932 hard-to-find articles and extracts on military technological subjects. The subject list has them organized into 190 topics. The periodical list has 50 periodicals and publications, listing the articles and extracts which we offer from them.
Research Packets We have 115 research packets available which are collections of photocopies designed to be information primers on hard to find subjects.
Fact Sheets
We now have 220 fact sheets available for sale. Our new product (February 2002). Concise groups of photocopied notes on hard to find subjects. The small version of our research packets.
How to Order The "Standard Ordering Method" section explains how to order in detail and has a order form which you can print off. Our basic shipping instructions can be found under "Ordering Instructions".
The "Alternative Ordering Method" section gives information on using credit cards, other methods of ordering and special issues concerning various types of orders like overseas ordering.

"Freebies" currently include 11 essays, commentaries and hard to find tables which are free for visitors to print).
Links to other useful Web Sites
 Links to other website on military subjects.
Trade Terms "Trade terms" are for libraries, wholesalers and retailers

Site Map

The layout of the site. That is where you are now.

Notes about this Web Site

Basic information on the theory of the layout of this website.
What's New
"What's New" is a monthly listing about what been added to the website.
Sales outside of the United States
"Sales outside of the United States" lists our rules for receiving and shipping orders outside of the United States.
Other Things

We are looking for manuals we don't have.
Also authors.
If want us to help us find things in our catalog for you.

Sugguestion Box

If you think we should have more of something, tell us.

Catalog Updates

You can sign up for our updates. We can then send you an email update on subjects you are interested in, when we make them available.

  1. This is a fairly large website with over 500 pages. So above we only give the general outline of the site to keep this site map readable. There are hundreds of subject pages under some of the topical headings above (like under the military manual and article subject lists).
  2. All of the pages with items for sale have a direct link to the "How to Order" page.
  3. Each of the subject pages (military manual and article pages on the same subject) are linked to each other.
  4. We have not listed all of the categories related to the military manual and article pages to keep the size of this site map from getting too large.
  5. For additional notes about the construction of this website see our "Notes" page.

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