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Military/Info also sells photocopies of out-of-print, nonclassified, public domain military articles from hard-to-find periodicals and publications. Currently we have 5932 articles and extracts on our list and in the future and we plan to add hundreds more.

The Subject List has our of our available articles arranged by subject, while the periodical and publication list has the articles grouped by source document and issue. There are also links between each of the Military Article Subject pages and the Military Manual Photocopy pages on the same subject.

We hope that this service will help fill gaps in research collections. Finally, we want to provide a way for this knowledge to stay available for future generations to help understand the past, rather than have this knowledge simply disintegrate into dust and be lost forever.

Periodical Article and Publication Extract Lists:

Periodical Article Sources List

Combat Lessons (WWII 1944-1945}
Combat Information (Korean War 1951-1453)
Infantry School Mailing List (1933-1948)
Infantry School Quarterly (1947-1957)
Infantry (1957-1961)
Intelligence Bulletin Issue and Article List (1942-1945)
Ordnance Notes Article List (1881-1883)
Professional Memoirs Corps of Engineers (1909-1919)
Tactical and Technical Trends (1942-1945)
War Department Ordnance Reports (1879, 1902-1907+)

Publication Extract Source List

AEF Engineer Field Notes (1918)
Aide-Memoire Du Genie (1861)
Aide-Memoire to the Military Sciences (1853-1862)
Army Weapon System Analysis (1977-1979) Parts 1 and 2
Art of War in Europe by Delafield (1854)
Artillery Recoil Mechanisms (ODD No.2035)(1921)
Climate and Weather in Naval Flight Operational Zones (1944)
Coast Artillery (ODD No.2042)(1922)
Construction in the Theater of Operations (1944)
Egyptian Expedition (1882)
Electronic Communications Systems Engineering (1944)
Engineer Reference Data (1944)
Farrow's Military Encyclopedia (1885)
Field Artillery Gunnery (1941)
Field Artillery Gunnery (1945)
Field Fortification. by D.H.Mahan (1848)
Field Service Pocket Book. United States Army (1917)
Fire Control and Position Finding for Seacoast Artillery (1935)
Handbook of Japanese Military Forces (1942)
Handbook of Ordnance Data (1919)
Heavy Artillery (1863)
International Congress of Engineers (1894)
Letters on Tactics and Organization. by Maude (1891)
Manual of Signals. by A.J.Myers (1879)
Military Engineering (Vol.1). by D.H.Mahan (1865)
Military Engineering (Vol.2). by D.H.Mahan (1867)
Notes of Military Interest for 1901
Ordnance and Gunnery. by J.G.Benton (1867)
Ordnance and Gunnery. by L.Bruff (1896)
Ordnance and Gunnery. by O.Lissak (1915)
Ordnance and Gunnery. by W.Tschappat (1917)
Pack Transportation (1916)
Paris Universal Exposition (1867)
Quartermasters Handbook (1930)
Railway Artillery (ODD No.2334)(1921)
Staff Officers Field Manual. Organizational, Technical and Logisitical Data (1943)
Studies in Atomic Defense Engineering (1962)
Technical Equipment of the Signal Corps (1916)
TM 11-223 Signal Equipment Directory, Power Units (1945)
Treatise of Fortification. by Hector Straith (1858)
Treatise of Artillery. by Hector Straith (1858)

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