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Aide-Memoire A L'Usage Des Officer Du Genie (1861)

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The Aide-Memoire Du Genie was published for French army engineering officers and contains a wealth of detailed information on military engineering of that time and many items which would be useful for studying any historical period. Note that this book is completely in French and contains over 700 illustrations and is very well laid out.

We are making photocopies this book available at this time and in the near future we are also planning the make it's articles separately available.

Aide-Memoire Portatif A L'Usage Des Officiers Du Genie, Par J.Laisne. Paris: Librairie Militarie. J.Dumaine, Libraire-Editeur De L'Empereur, Rue et passage Dauphine, 30 (1861); 873 pages, plus 104 plates of illustrations containing 721 illustrations, also many charts Price 98.00 {Item No.20600}

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