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Artillery Recoil Mechanisms

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Ordnance Department. Ordnance Department Document No.2035 Theory and Design of Recoil Systems and Gun Carriages (September 1921); 1011 pages, 100+illus. Price 100.00 {Item No.4087}[This is a complex Engineering textbook]

Chapter I. Introduction and Elements - Types of Cannon and Carriages - Classification of Carriages and Recoil Systems; 27 pages, 8 illus. Price 3.00 {Item No.20201} [Includes: Introduction, Cannon, Howitzer and guns, Recoiling parts, The cradle, Tipping parts, Top carriage, Trail and spade, Platform mounts, Caterpillar mounts, Railway mounts]

Chapter II. Dynamics of Interior Ballistic as Affecting Recoil Design - The Parabolic Trajectory; 54 pages, 1 illus. Price 6.00 {Item No.20202} [Includes: Introduction, Dynamic relationships in interior ballistics, Equivalent mass of projectile, Equivalent mass of powder charge, Equivalent mass of the recoilless parts, Energy equation, Expansion of powder gases, Torque reaction of the projectile, General description, Elementary theory, Leduc's Formula, Recapitulation of the various formulas originating from Leduc's formula, Dynamics of recoil during the travel of the shot up bore, Expansion of the gases after the shot has left the bore and its effect on the recoil, Recapitulation of principle formulas, of interior ballistics, pertaining to recoil design, Leduc's formula, The parabolic trajectory]

Chapter III. External Reaction on Carriage during Recoil and Counter Recoil - Stability - Jump; 46 pages, 9 illus. Price 5.00 {Item No.20203} [Includes: External reaction, External effects during recoil, External reactions during counter recoil, Stability, Length of recoil consistant with stability of mount, Jump of a field carriage, Approximate solution of the jump of a field carriage, Recapitulation of formulas: External effects and stability: Resistant to recoil, Bethel's formula: In battery: For low angles of elevation, For high angles of elevation. Out of battery: For low angles of elevation, For high angles of elevation. Bending in the trail and carriage, Stability of counter recoil, Recoil stability, Length of recoil consistent with stability of mounts]

Chapter IV. Internal Reactions throughout a Gun Carriage during Recoil and Counter Recoil; 163 pages, 32 illus. Price 17.00 {Item No.20204} [Includes: Internal reactions, Braking pulls, Guide or clip reactions, Approximate formulae guide friction, Increase of guide friction during powder pressure period, Computation of breaking pulls, Increase of resistance to recoil during powder period, Internal stress in the recoiling parts, Tipping parts, Internal reactions of tipping parts - rocker introduced, Trunnions located at the rear - balancing gear or equiliberator, Direct acting balancing gear, Reactions on tipping parts with balancing gear, Internal reactions of tipping parts with balancing gear - rocker introduced, Effect of rifling torque on trunnion reaction, Strength of the trunnions, Limitations on the external reactions of the tipping parts: Elevating and reactions, Trunnion reactions. Stresses in cradle or recuperator forging, Strength of cylinders and recuperator forgings, Thickness of walls between adjacent cylinders, Allowable stresses in cylinder walls, Top carriage, Supporting reactions on various types of top carriages, Theory of split trail, Graphical construction and evaluation of the reactions in a gun carriage, Procedure in the calculations for the principles reactions in a gun carriage mount. Appendix - Stresses due to firing, Friction of trunnions and traversing pivots, Velocity ratings of elevating and traversing mechanisms, Reactions between gear pair: - efficiency, Combing the reactions from one pair to another, Torque and power requirements for elevating and traversing mechanisms]

Chapter V. Hydraulic Principles as Applied to Various Systems of Recoil and Counter Recoil - General Theories of Orifices and Flow of Oil; 29 pages, 5 illus. Price 3.00 {Item No.20205} [Includes: Object, Elementary hydraulic brake, Principles of hydrodynamics, The effect of viscosity of fluids, Derivation of throttling formulas, Loss of head and pressure drop through recoil orifice, Analysis of the mutual reaction in a recoil brake, Derivation of recoil throttling formulas, Variation of the throttling constant in the recoil] [Pages 293-321]

Chapter VI. The Dynamics of Recoil and Counter Recoil - Differential Equations of Resistance, Braking, ect. and Velocity - General Formulas for Recoil and Counter Recoil; 58 pages Price 6.00 {Item No.20206} [Includes: Elementary principles, Elementary relations, Effect of powder gases on recoil, Elementary energy relations, Recoil and ballistic measurements, General theory of recoil, General equations of recoil, General equations of recoil - Cost, Component reactions of the resistance to recoil, General equations of counter recoil, Calculation of recoil curves, Characteristics of recoil curves, ]

Chapter VII. Classification and Characteristics of Recoil and Recuperator Systems - Derivation of General Formulas for Design and Computation - General Limitations, ect.; 145 pages, 12 illus. Price 15.00 {Item No.20207} [Includes: Types of Recuperator systems, Recoil brakes, Approximate formula for total resistance to recoil, General equations of recoil and counter recoil--recoil systems, Methods of calculating throttling orifices, Methods of throttling, Throttling through a spring controlled value, Recoil throttling with a "filling in" counter recoil buffer, Variable recoil:--Varying the recoil as the gun elevates, Mechanism for reducing the recoil on elevation, On the length of recoil with a stationary spring controlled orifice, Counter recoil:--Elementary discussion, General equations of counter recoil, Computation of counter recoil, Counter recoil systems, Counter recoil systems functioning with variable recoil, General considerations, Initial recuperator reaction, Energy requirements for proper recuperation, Spring recuperators, Energy stored in spring, Ratio of compression with spring recuperators for minimum weight of counter recoil springs, Recuperator dimensions and limitations, Survey of limitations in carriage design, Length of recoil at maximum elevation and maximum recoil reaction, Length of recoil at minimum elevation stability, Recoiling weight for minimum weight of gun carriage]

Chapter VIII. Hydro-pneumatic Recoil Systems;2 pages [The book states that is has "been found desirable to print this chapter separately"] [Includes: Was to have consisted of "a discussion of some of the type of hydro-pneumatic recoil systems with calculations of characteristics of service designs" ]

Chapter IX. Hydro-pneumatic Recoil Systems (Continued); 156 pages, 16 illus. Price 16.00 {Item No.20208} [Includes: Schneider recoil system, St.Chamond recoil system, Description of the operation of the St.Chamond recoil, General theory of the St.Chamond brake, General procedure of calculation of recoil, Calculation of the various friction components during recoil, General theory of counter recoil, Design formulae St.Chamond recoil system]

Chapter X. Railway Gun Carriages; 43 pages, 9 illus. Price 5.00 {Item No.20209} [Includes: Types of mounts, Limitations in brake layout, Design layout of recoil systems, Bypass pipes used with large spear buffers, Design of side frame girders]

Chapter XI. Gun Lift Systems; 25 pages, 10 illus. Price 3.00 {Item No.20210} [Includes: Characteristics of inclined plane carriages, Approximate theory of recoil, neglecting normal reaction of projectile on bore. External reactions on the recoiling parts and top carriage roller reactions, External reactions on the mount and traversing roller reactions, Internal reactions trunnion reactions, Reactions on top carriage, Reactions on bottom carriage, Exact theory of recoil considering normal reaction to bore of projectile]

Chapter XII. Double Recoil Systems; 106 pages, 24 illus. Price 11.00 {Item No.20211} [Includes: Object, Classification, Approximate theory for (1), Reactions and velocity for double. Energy equation for double recoil, Recapitulation of approximate formulae for double recoil brakes, Exact theory for constant resistance on both upper and lower recoil systems, Recapitulation of formulae for constant resistance to recoil both upper and lower, Calculation of throttling grooves both upper and lower recoil, Equivalent mass of rotating parts with a double recoil, Primary external reactions with a double recoil system, Stability for double recoil system, Stability with a single recoil and caterpillar braked, Elevating arc and trunnion reaction of the tipping parts, Reaction between upper and lower recoiling parts, Variable braking on upper recoil brake double recoil system, (Example: 240mm howitzer, gas-electric type, double recoil.), Theory for variable resistance in upper recoil and constant resistance in lower recoil system]

Chapter XIII. Miscellaneous Problems - Discussions of Various Types of Carriages. General Design Procedure; 149 pages, 24 illus. Price 15.00 {Item No.20212} [Includes: General dynamic equation of recoil during powder pressure period, Reactions and general equations in a recoiling mount, Applications of the Preceding Formulae, General equations:- Rotation of the trunnions about a fixed axis or a translation of trunnions, On the jump of a field carriage, Approximate calculations for the jump of a carriage, Barbette chassis mounts, Dynamic relations on firing from an aeroplane, Types of disappearing carriages, Approximate theory of the rotating type of disappearing carriage, Reactions on the cordan linkage disappearing carriage during the powder period, Kinematics of a cordan linkage disappearing carriage including effect of elevating arm, Rotating type carriage: Reactions on trunnion and fixed axis of rocker, Coordinates of the cordan linkage disappearing carriage, Reactions on the parts of cordan linkage, Equivalent mass of cordan linkage, Gun lugs, Arrangement of guides and clips, Design and strength of gun clips and guides, Strength of recoil piston rods, Trunnions and supporting brackets, Top carriages, General design procedure (Step by step, formula by formula)]

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Note: This website has over 500 webpages, with over 11,000 military titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years, collected over 50 years. This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which don't know even existed.

Note: This website has over 500 webpages, with over 11,000 military titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years, collected over 50 years. This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which don't know even existed.

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