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What is Military/Info?

We are a publisher reprinting military technology, especially of the lost, forgotten and mislaid variety. We do several things. We print books and provide photocopies and research notes.

Concerning our books, they are unique, often on hard to find military and survival subjects, and are also, at the same, both historical documents and practical working manuals. Our books are valuable storehouses for historical technological information.

We have several types of books. We print compilations of manuals, creating new manuals on subjects often never before available under one cover. In select cases, where we find especially a good one, we will reprint an entire manual. Occasionally we publish translations of Foreign Military Manuals.

Military/Info provides a valuable resource for libraries and researchers by photocopying, long out of print, unclassified, military manuals, from our large library of military manuals. Many of which are difficult if not impossible to find. For example, we have every edition of FM 21-75 Individual Combat Training and Patrolling from (1944 to 1967), and even the earlier Training regulations (TRís), from the 1920ís, which cover the subject. Currently we have 8000+ military manual and article photocopy titles available in our website catalog. We also have been adding to our catalog 200 military manual and 600 article titles a year.

While most of our photocopies which we have are concerned with Land Combat, we do also have large numbers of Airforce, Naval and Civil Defense Manuals. But we have only so much room in our catalog. In our catalog the Land Warfare manuals are mostly Field Manuals rather than Technical Manuals, but we do have large numbers of Technical manuals. They are not listed because many of them are on very particular subjects. If you are looking for manuals which are not listed in our catalog write us and we will try to find them.

Our products can be very interesting and useful to Military and Law Enforcement personnel, Military Historians, Military Period Reenactors, Museum Curators, Collectors, Survivalists, Wargamers, and anyone else who might be looking for this information.

Besides our books and photocopies in this catalog we have three other product sections:

A small selection of Foreign Language Military Manuals photocopies are now being offered.

Research Packets are also available. They are compilations of photocopies on hard to find topics. Designed to be primers for researchers, they are also often the only accumulation of information ever done on many subjects and are sources of hard to find technology.

Finally we even have a surplus manual section in this catalog. Over the years we have accumulated a number of extra manuals and books which we are offering for sale.

Military/Info Home Page