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Notes of Military Interest for 1901

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War Department. Adjutant General's Office (Military Information Division) No.XXXVI  Notes of Military Interest for 1901 (January 1902); 296 pages, 64 illus.  Price 35.00  {Item No.575} [Note we only sell the part of the manual concerned with Ordnance: Pages 80-297, and the Bibliography 439-511] [Compiled and arranged by Captain E.A.Edwards, 25th Infantry; Captain J.S. Herron, 2nd Cavalry; First Lt. H.B.Ferguson, Corps of Engineers; and Second Lt. R.S. Clark, 9th Infantry]

I. Budgets

II. Organization

III. Field Artillery; 38 pages, 11 illus. Price 4.00 {Item No.22200}

IV. Machine Guns; 36 pages, 21 illus. Price 4.00 {Item No.22222}

V. Small Caliber Rifles; 16 pages, 8 pages of tables   Price 2.00 {Item No.22239}

VI. Automatic Pistols; 14 pages, 6 illus. Price 2.00 {Item No.22252}

VII. Explosives; 11 pages  Price 2.00 {Item No.22258} [Includes: This section is concerned with smokeless powder, Powders used by different nations, Cordite, Ballistite, Pyocolldion, B.N.Powder, Schultze powder, E.C.powder]

VIII. Ammunition Supply; 21 pages, 11 tables  Price 3.00 {Item No.22259}

IX. Mechanical Transportation; 21 pages, 3 illus. Price 3.00 {Item No.22267} [Includes: General notes, British war office trials of military self propelled wagons, 11 lorries tested: Messrs, Folden & Sons steam lorry; Thrornycroft steam wagon No.6; Thrornycroft official No.7; Milne 5-ton war lorry Straker military system steam lorry; description of the results of the tests]

X. Carrier Pigeons; 11 pages  Price 2.00 {Item No.22268} [Includes: General notes, especially on the use of pigeons in Europe, and for various purposes; Argentina, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey]

XI. Miscellaneous Notes; 55 pages, 4 illus. Price 6.00 {Item No.22269}

XII. Maneuvers

XIII. Bibliography; 73 pages  Price 8.00 {Item No.22282} [Index of Special Military Subjects treated in various books, pamphlets, and periodicals received in the Military information division during 1901]


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