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Coast Artillery

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Ordnance Department Document No.2042: American Coast Artillery Material. Washington: Government Printing Office (June 1922); 513 pages, 309 illus. Price 50.00 {Item No.1154}

Part I. History of the development of artillery; 143 pages, 95 illus. Price 14.00 {Item No.20101} [Includes: {Item No.20102-20114} General Introduction, Ammunition: Incendiary materials, Smokeless powder, Powder charge containers, Fuses and Primers, High explosives, Projectiles. Cannon: Cannon Tubes, Gun carriages, Elevating mechanism, Recoil and recuperator mechanisms, Breech mechanisms, Firing mechanisms, Sights]

Part II. The design and manufacture of a great seacoast weapon; 77 pages, 66 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.20115} [Includes: {Items No.20116-20119} Introduction, Carriage (General), Design and manufacture (Manufacturing), Carriage (Characteristics), Design and manufacture (Design)]

Part III. Detailed descriptions of American seacoast guns and mounts (or as also called in this book: The mechanisms of existing seacoast weapons); 228+ pages, 148+ illus. Price 38.00 {Item No.20120} [Includes: {Items No.20121-20158} Introduction and No.1-38, Plus all referenced supplements, including Part IV]

Part IV. Table of miscellaneous data; 7 pages Price 1.00 {Item No.20159} [Gives the details of the weapons covered in this book]

Bibliography; 1 page Price .50 {Item No.20160}
Index; 17 pages Price 2.00 {Item No.20161}

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