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Combat Lessons (1944-1945)

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Combat Lessons. Rank and file in combat: What they're doing How they do it. War Department (1944-1945)


Combat Lessons Number 1; 55 pages, 9 illus. Price 6.00 {Item No.6400}

Section One - Infantry; 35 pages, illus.  Price 4.00 {Item No.6401}

Section Two - Field Artillery; 9 pages, illus.  Price 1.00 {Item No.6411} [Includes: Artillery in the Jungle, Antipersonnel Fire, Dealing with Tree Snipers, Adjustment of Fire, Morale Effect, Ammunition and Fuzes, Disposition, Liaison, Ideas from Italy, Reinforcing Fire, Transportation, Fire Direct Center, Pack Boards for Observers]

 Section Three - Miscellaneous; 5 pages, illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6412} [Includes: Booby Traps, Timeliness of Orders, Maps, AA Fire, Security, Strafing Aircraft, "Gas!", Counterattack Foiled, Room for Improvement]

 Section Four - Notes on the NIPs; 3 pages, illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6413} [Includes: Japanese Pillboxes, Superman Myth Exploded, Jap Trap, Defensive Action, Vine Entanglements]

 Section Five - Hints on the Heinie; 3 pages, illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6414} [Includes: Reverse Slope Tactics, Don't Gawk!, Traps and Mines, Minor Tactics, Typical Attack and Withdrawal, Rearguard Action, Dealing with Tree Snipers]

Combat Lessons Number 2; 71 pages, 11+ illus. Price 7.00 {Item No. 6415}

Section One - Leadership; 5 pages, illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6416} [Leaders vs. Inertia, Discipline, Trail by Fire]

Section Two - Normal Operations; 30 pages, 7+ illus.  Price 3.00 {Item No.6417}

Section Three - Mountain Operations; 19 pages, 2 illus.  Price 2.00 {Item No.6428}

Section Four - Jungle Operations; 17 pages, 2+ illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6435}

Combat Lessons Number 3; 90 pages, 12+illus. Price 9.00 {Item No. 6443}

Section One - Leadership; 10 pages, illus.  Price 1.00 {Item No.6444}

Section Two - Normal Operations; 47 pages, 4+ illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6449}

Section Three - Mountain Operations; 4 pages, illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6460} [Includes: Infantry Notes: Villages in Mountains, Attacking a Village, "The Enemy's Mortars, Infantry Heavy Weapons In The Mountains, Rifle and Stove, Hot Food for the Front Line]

Section Four - Jungle Operations; 15 pages, 6 illus.  Price 2.00 {Item No.6461}

Section Five - Amphibious Operations; 14 pages, 2 illus.  Price 2.00 {Item No.6464}

Combat Lessons Number 4; 87 pages, 26 illus. Price 9.00 {Item No. 6472}

Section One - Leadership; 3 pages  Price .50 {Item No.6473} [Includes: Leadership in Small Units: Typical Comments, A Fighting Soldier, Round One, Round Two, Round Three]

Section Two - Normal Operations; 41 pages, 14 illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6474}

Section Three - Jungle Operations; 30 pages, 9 illus.  Price 3.00 {Item No.6485}

Section Four - Amphibious Operations; 13 pages, 3 illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6494}

Combat Lessons Number 5; 90 pages, 18+ illus. Price 9.00 {Item No. 6499}

Section I - Leadership; 10 pages, 1 illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6500} [Includes: Aggressive Action, Quick Training, Confident Tone of Voice, Moral Support, Gallantry, High Standards Pay Off, Good Leadership Develops Discipline, Energy and Drive, Leadership in Small Units]

Section II - Normal Operations;  44 pages, 9+ illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6501}

Section III - Airborne Operations; 4 pages, 1 illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6516} [Includes: Disrupting the Enemy Rear, Parachute Lessons from SWPA, Pilot Training, Jump Practice, Air Reconnaissance of Jump Areas, Air Strips, Transportation, Location of Troops in Jungle]

Section IV - Amphibious Operations; 14 pages, 4+ illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6517}

Section V - Jungle Operations; 18 pages, 3+ illus.  Price .50 {Item No.6523}

Combat Lessons Number 6; 89 pages, 34 illus. Price 9.00 {Item No. 6528}

Combat Lessons Number 7; 58 pages, 29 illus. Price 6.00 {Item No. 6547}

Combat Lessons Number 8; 42 pages, 30+ illus. Price 5.00 {Item No. 6561}

Combat Lessons Number 9; 43 pages, 29 illus. Price 5.00 {Item No. 6572}

Lessons Learned and Expedients Used in Combat (July 1945) ; 110 pages, 21 illus. Price 11.00 {Item No. 6585} [War Department Pamphlet No.20-17] [632 Lessons Learned]

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