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Egyptian Expedition (1882)

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War Series No.III. Information from Abroad. Report of the British Naval and Military Operations in Egypt, 1882. by Lieutenant-Commander Caspar F.Goodrich, United States Navy. Office of Naval Intelligence, Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department (1883). Washington: Government Printing Office (1885); 340 pages, 175 illus. plus 79 plates of illustrations Price 50.00 {Item No.4218}

Part I. The Bombardment of the Fortifications at Alexandria; 110 pages, 84 illus. Price 11.00 {Item No.20220} [Includes Sections I-VII]

Part II. The War in Egypt; 105 pages, 21 illus. Price 11.00 {Item No.20228} [Includes Sections VIII-XIII]

Part III. Miscellaneous; 211 Pages, 104 illus. Price 22.00 {Item No.20235} [Includes: Sections XIV to XXXI]

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2. This expedition was known as an excellent example of Ironclad Warships with rifled guns verses a variety of Seacoast Fortifications and for the extensive Galting and Gardner Guns by British forces.]

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