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Research Packets


What Exactly does a Research Packet consist of ?: First it consists of a collection of photocopied References designed to provide the Researcher photocopied source documents to assist them in studying particular subjects. Depending on the study already put into the subject, the material which we provide can either be a basic information to get started with, a resource of hard to find documents, or a confirmation that your research has exhausted the resources available.

What is it's format?: Each Research Packet is a series of photocopies of resource documents on 8Ĺ by 11 inch paper, with a cover sheet printed on colored paper and each photocopy usually with two pages on one side of a sheet of paper. Each document is separated from the other documents by a numbered divider sheet of colored paper. Inside the front cover is an introduction to the subject area and the contents. Inside the back cover there is often a bibliography of other information on the subject of the packet. Finally each packet is wrapped with a paper tape, but is left unbound so that it can be easily used as either separate sheets, have holes punched for a loose leaf binder or stapled by the researcher. Until recently we sent each packet stapled together and bound with heavy duty tape, but have found that to be inconvenient for researchers, so we are now sending them unbound.

Alternate Formats: If you request it we can send a research packet in several other ways. We can send it unbound with holes punched for a loose leaf binder, or bound with staples and tape with or without holes punched. But we do prefer to send a research packet in our format, as described above, because it keeps the various sections of the packet from accidently getting mixed up.

What we try to do: We attempt to provide the best photocopies possible, but often the resource material is not in very good shape, this is especially true with very old documents. Sometimes the binding of the book is too tight and we donít wish to destroy the original book. Also the original book in our collection may have some wear or damage, like discolored paper, writing in the book or slightly torn paper. But the source material will be readable.


We are starting to add to this section and over the next several years we plan to publish quite a few Research Packets. We plan to cover a wide range of topics, but still mostly concentrating on our specialty of historical military technology. This means that we will be coming out with a Research Packet on particular weapons, specialized techniques, tactics and technologies. For example we are at this time thinking in particular about collections of Research Packets on various artillery pieces, like the U.S.12-inch Mortar, or on Machine Guns like the U.S. Browning M1919. Other examples would include packets on Town and Village (Pre WWI) fighting, searching for water and mortar gunnery techniques.

If you are interested in any particular specialized subject or have any preferences about what you would like to see us publish, just write and we will consider it.

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