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We are looking for more Military Manuals

We are constantly look for more manuals to add to our collection. Especially the older ones before 1970. If you have some you are interested in selling, please contact use and we will consider your offer. Please send us a copy of itís cover and contents.

We are currently interested in the following types of manuals:

Manuals which are not in our catalog.
Korean War Vintage Infantry manuals.
Non U.S.military manuals.
Military manuals which were written by retired military officers or civilians before 1921.

We are not interested in anything that is even remotely classified, so don't even bother us with it. The exception being WWII or Korean War vintage "Restricted" manuals, which have all been declassified.

We generally give credit rather than money which you can use to buy our products. Roughly we give ten cents (US) of credit per page of the manual. In exceptional cases we may consider giving money for book or manual, but that is quite rare.

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