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Large Orders

Over the years we have developed a better understanding on how long it takes us to handle our orders, especially the larger ones and I would like to explain our experience with you on this webpage. The following does not apply to orders for only our books or surplus items.

Orders under $100: We usually handle within three days and they are sent within the week of us receiving the order.

Orders over $100:We usually handle the order within the week and ship it within two weeks.

Orders over $300: Handling within the week and shipped within four weeks. This is because we have to fit them into our production system.

Orders over $600: Special arrangements have to be made, because they often jam our ordering system. We cannot simply stop preparing orders for everyone else, no matter how large the order is (it is not right to the other customers and it would eventually put us out of business by not having us fullfil our other orders). Usually this involves fitting the order into our ordering system by us spliting the order in $200 sections for shipping and sending each section two weeks apart.

Exceptions: New customers (we wait 5-7 days for the check to clear) and overseas orders which have ordered items for we have sometime spend additional time on evaluating on if we can send what is requested.

Discounts: See our discount webpage for a detailed explanation.

Orders for only Books:We can ship a order of one book within three days. A order of two to ten mixed titles can be shipped within three days. Orders of five or more single titles or of eleven to one hundred or more mixed titles, can us take up to three weeks for us to ship.

Military/Info Home Page How to Order Page