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German Language
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This is a sampling from our collection of non English language military manuals which we are offering to photocopy for researchers. Remember that they are not in English and need to be translated if you want read them in English. This is a small part of what we have available, but because of various difficulties we are only offering a few at this time. One reason is that we are not sure how many people would be able to read them, let alone be interested in them. Many of our copies are from texts over four hundred years old and not in the alphabet I am writing in. Then there are international copyright problems with some of them which we are investigating. We will make them available when we are able to clear up the various problems related to each.

German Language

Note: We sell photocopies of these German Military Dictionaries.
TM 30-355 Military Dictionary (English-German, German-English) (5 August 1941); 709 pages Price 70.00 {Item No.4102}
TM 30-506 Military Dictionary (German-English English-German) (July 1964); 80 pages Price 8.00 {Item No.2882} 

French Language

Note: We sell photocopies of these French Military Dictionaries.
TM 30-243  French Phrase Book (15 January 1945); 228 pages  Price 23.00 {Item No.982}
TM 30-253 Military Dictionary (English-French, French-English)(1 March 1943); 812 pages Price 80.00 {Item No.1454}
TM 30-502 French Military Dictionary (English-French, French-English)(1 August 1944); 253 pages Price 25.00 {Item No.1457}
Willcox, Cornelis De Witt; A French-English Military Technical Dictionary (1917); 582 pages Price 60.00 {Item No.1461} 

Greek Language

Spainish Language

Note: We sell photocopies of this Spainish Military Dictionary.
TM 30-250 Military Dictionary (English-Spanish, Spanish-English)(1941); 382 pages Price 35.00 {Item No.1453}


Another Note: We sell photocopies of these other Non English Military Dictionaries.
DA PAM 20-811  Vietnamese Phrase Book (July 1952); 172 pages  Price 24.00 {Item No.223}
FM 30-101-1 Esperanto The Aggressor Language (February 1962); 233 pages Price 23.00 {Item No.1452}
TM 30-254 Military Dictionary (English-Russian, Russian-English)(5 August 1941); 610 pages, illus. Price 60.00 {Item No.1455}
TM 30-501 Portuguese Military Dictionary (Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese)(28 August 1944); 262 pages Price 26.00 {Item No.1456}
TM 30-541 Japanese Military Dictionary (Japanese-English, English-Japanese)(29 August 1944); 615 pages Price 60.00 {Item No.1458}
TM 30-544 Russian Military Dictionary (English-Russian, Russian-English)(15 January 1945); 478 pages Price 50.00 {Item No.1459}
TM 30-944 Dictionary of Spoken Russian (English-Russian, Russian-English)(9 November 1945); 573 pages Price 60.00 {Item No.1460}  


Also see: Our other English Language Military Manuals on the German Army in the Photocopy section of our website under Other Forces German.
Note: If you are interested in any of our books listed in this section we can send you a sample of the book consisting of the book contents and a few sample pages. Also we have many other Foreign Language manuals. The Languages include German, French, Swedish, Arabic, Latin, Greek, Spanish and Russian. Our problem is how many people are really interested in Foreign Language manuals? Then too is anyone interested in Foreign Language photocopies of very old manuals, say the four hundred to two thousand year old variety? If you are interested in this list being extended please write and encourage us.

Note: This website has over 500 webpages, with over 11,000 military titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years, collected over 50 years. This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which don't know even existed.

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