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Fast Orders

Sometimes we receive a panicked request over the telephone that someone absolutely needs a photocopy of a manual within three days to a week or an overseas shipment within a month from the time we receive the message. We simply cannot ship orders that quickly, we are not setup for it, because we print on demand and this causes several problems.


First, we do not photocopy our products until we receive an order, we only keep our master copies in storage. Printing on demand also means that it takes us much longer to process an order, than if we had the item in storage and pulled it off a shelf to send to a customer.

Second, since we don't have items in storage it means that have to try to prepare orders as we receive them. To be fair to our customers, we simply cannot stop preparing one order just because another order is wanted in hurry. The exception is when we receive a very large order we have to make special arrangements to fit it into the schedule along side of the smaller orders so that it doesn't jam our order processing system by preventing us from processing smaller orders.

The reason we print on demand is that this allows us to have a very large and growing number of items available, by keeping down many of the costs which would make it impossible for us to stay in business.

The Book Exception

The above does not apply to our books. We do have a certain number of them in storage. A small order of only books, one to ten books with different titles, can be shipped within three days from when we receive the order. Larger book orders (over five of one title or over eleven of mixed titles) takes longer, for details see our large order webpage.

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