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Concise groups of photocopied notes available from Military/Info Publishing

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Notes About Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are our newest creation. A Fact Sheet is a concise group of photocopied notes on a subject. They are actually the small version of our Research Packets.We plan to make them either when we do not have enough information to justify making one of the larger Research Packets or when we wish to make available a smaller, compact version of a Research Packet. We plan to have hundreds of them.

Fact Sheets are a compact source of information. They are modeled after weapons data sheets found in many ordnance books, but with far more information. They range from a picture and paragraph for our small version to the large version which may have dozens of pictures and up to twenty or more pages of text.

You would want them because you will find that they contain far more information than most data collections that you will find elsewhere. Designed for the researcher who wants a concise data on a subject, but with all the characteristics data found in one of our larger Research Packets.

Each Fact Sheet listing gives a description of the subject covered, the number of references contained in each, the total number of pages, whether illustrated, its price, the date it was last compiled, and any special notes related to the photocopies. Note that these are growing documents, with references being added when they become available.

If you are interested in any particular specialized subject or have any preferences about what you would like to see us publish, just write and we will consider it.

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