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Notes about Research Packets

Research Packets are one of our creations. Each consists of a series of photocopied references. They are basically packets of materials for researchers who want to have a primer on the subject they are studying. In many cases they can be more that simple primer, but instead are the most complete collection of references gathered anywhere on the subject. Also most are more than historic notes, they are extracts from manuals on the subjects and the information can be used directly from the packet as a working manual. While often the information found in the packet is deliberately redundant, it will provide comparative references and show the historical lineage of the information. They range from quite small to huge and from a few notes to almost encyclopedias on the covered subject.

Each listing gives a description of the subject covered, the number of references contained in each, the total number of pages, whether illustrated, itís price, the date it was last compiled, and any special notes related to the photocopies. Note that these are growing documents, with references being added when they become available. When ordering, write first, because their size and price can change without notice.

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