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For researchers, historians, collectors, military buffs, soldiers, etc., Military/Info provides a source of lost, hard, or impossible to find information on military technology.


Over the years we have found that libraries did not have any real policy on military information. They purchased mainly general military history books and once in a while a reference book containing some very general data on military technology. Detailed information on technology was not collected. The past was simply forgotten. No record of technology beyond the superficial level was being retained. Future military history technologists would have an impossible task every time they wanted to study something. So we decided to help fill this gap in knowledge. The idea is that when a person wants to study the details of United States World War Two Armored Force doctrine, they can obtain copies of original manuals.

Military/Info has thousands of unclassified government documents available, some dating as far back as the 1840ís. They are too numerous to completely list, and would make a very fat and boring catalog for most people to read. Books on World War I howitzers, Romanian Military Dictionaries and Nineteen twenties vintage radios are not popular reading material. Accordingly, we have made use of our limited space, for example to list primarily field manuals, rather than technical manuals. We have tried to empathize land warfare over air and sea warfare, operating procedures, data, and lost techniques.


If you are looking for something which is not on our list, write and ask. But we have limits to what we will copy. We have never had any access to classified documents, so if you looking for any, please donít bother to ask. We donít have everything. I donít think anyone has, even the U.S Government. Government agencies have a bad habit of throwing away old editions of manuals. Over the years this habit of throwing things away has created giant gaps in knowledge for future historians. What Military/Info would like to do is make some of these manuals available.

Please do not ask us to photocopy something that is currently copyrighted. We are a for profit company and are not allowed by law to photocopy copyrighted material. This includes military documents, like historical accounts which have been authored by civilians. For more on our copyright policy see the note on the next page.


We have many other books on vehicles and other miscellaneous military subjects. If you are looking for something, please write. Describe to us what you want and we will try to find it. We cannot promise anything, but we can look and put it on our want list. Long term persistence is one of our virtues.

Much of what we have access to has never been catalogued correctly, and since we only do photocopying as a sideline, our staff can only afford to look for a limited period of time. The length of some manuals makes it too expensive for us to copy them, anything over 600 pages long takes too long. Finally some books are beyond our capacity to photocopy, they are either too large, or too old.

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