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Ordering Instructions

Method of Payment:

1. U.S.Orders: Enclose check or money order with the order form.
2. Foreign Orders: Please pay with a Air Mail International Postal Money Order (write your money order number directly on the order form), or checks draw from a in U.S.dollars. For additional technical shipping details read our Customers outside of the Continental United States web page.
3. Wholesale Orders: Please contact us by referring to our Trade Terms web page and ask for our terms.

Personal checks: For new customers, orders will be sent when the check clears the bank. That is usually three days, in the case of some checks up to 21 days. For established customers (if your checks have not bounced with us in the past) we will ship as fast as we can. We try to remember good customers.

Money orders: Orders with money orders are shipped as fast as we can prepare the order.

Cash: We do take cash, but you do so at your own risk. The cash can be US Dollars or Euros.

Western Union: We do accept Western Union money transfers. This can be useful for overseas customers.

Money Grams: We do accept MoneyGrams. You can use them to speed up ordering You can find them on the web at: Or call them at 1-888-910-3210 (US and Canada).
They have a 100,000 locations world wide.

Credit Cards: We do not take credit card orders, but people have special ordered our books through their local book store or occasionally a major book chains like Barnes & Noble (local stores only, their online store doesn't carry them) and Borders.

Paypal: We do not accept Paypal. They simply have too much of a mixed record on paying the money they owe to businesses.

Debit Cards: We do not accept Debit cards. We are just not set up for it.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. No CODís or open accounts. Predeposit accounts possible (you send us the money, then order later, it will speed delivery).

Shipping & Handling:

Shipping charges include the cost of packaging, handling, shipping and insuring your order. The shipping costs below are the total shipping charge for an entire order. If you order 1 item or 100 items in the same order, shipping is the same as if you order only 1 item. It is our built in discount. All orders are shipped by U.S.Mail or UPS. UPS cannot deliver to a post office box, or mail drop.

Method of Shipment:

United States and U.S. Military Addresses (APOís & FPOís)

A__ U.S.Mail__ $6.00__ 2-4 weeks

United States

B__UPS Ground__ $18.00__ 10-14 working days (Minimum order size $20)
[No UPS shipping outside the Continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska]
[We have been forced to do this because of all the surcharges UPS has been tacking on. In some cases exceeding the value of the order.]

Outside United States

C1__ US Airmail__ $12.00__ 2 weeks (For orders from $11 to $25 in value)
C2__ US Airmail__ $24.00__ 2 weeks (For orders from $26 to $50 in value) 
C3__ US Airmail__ $40.00__ 2 weeks (For orders from $51 to $100 in value)
C4__ US Airmail__ $72.00__ 2 weeks (For orders over $101 to $150 in value)
C5__ US Airmail__ Variable__2 weeks (Orders over $151 in value contact us)
C6__ US Airmail__ $6.00__ 2 Weeks (Air Mail for orders under $10 US in value)
[Rates have gone up because the US Postal service no longer offers surface mail]
[APO and NPO's only pay the ordinary US domestic rate of $6]

Outside United States (Canada)

C__ US Mail Printed Matter__ Shipping to Canada is the same as the above "Outside United States" rates

Outside Continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii)

A__ US Mail__ $6.00__ 2-4 weeks (Air or surface depending on the size of the package)


Discounts: Our shipping charge is our built in discount. It you order 1 item or 100 items in the same order you only have to pay as if you ordered 1 item. We do this because we sell items ranging from $.50 to $242. So it is not really possible, if we want to sell anything, for us to charge $6 per item for shipping. So you save on shipping when you order large number of items at one time.

UPS 2nd Day and other Express Services: Please donít request it. We produce our books on demand, which means that we donít have stock on hand and have to print it when an order arrives. Especially large orders take extra time for us to prepare the order. So it is not possible to speed up our service by using a speedy delivery service. But this does allow us to have a huge selection available for our customers.

Overseas Air Mail: Currently, we can only ship overseas by air mail because the US postal service does no longer has surface mail (even to Canada). Over the years we have had a lot of trouble shipping packages overseas by air mail. So we if we have problems again we may go back to shipping only by surface mail. Each country has itís own particular customís procedures which may cause a shipment to be delayed or even lost. If you do not receive your order, inform us and we will do our best to replace it, but that will take time.


Note that U.S.export regulations vary from country to country so we have to review each overseas sale to determine that we can even send it. See our Foreign Sales webpage for details.

Return Policy:

We have a no return policy. It is too easy to photocopy our books and photocopies.


We print on demand. Our Books and Photocopies generally donít go out of print, but they are constantly being upgraded. Research packets may be upgraded without notice, to improve them.


Telephone: (763) 533-8627
(9am-4pm Mon-Fri Central Standard Time USA)

Fax: (763) 533-8627
(Available 24 hours)

WHEN FAXING US DON'T LISTEN FOR A DIAL TONE. Just leave your receiver down, type our Fax number and press the start button on your Fax machine. Let your Fax machine do all the work.

For Faxes phoned in from the Continental United States, we will try to reply by Fax within 24 hours.

Faxes phoned in from outside of the Continental United States we will try to reply to them by either Fax, telephone or letter on a case by case basis.

(We will try to reply within 24 hours.)

Followed by description of your email. Examples: "MI", followed by description of your email.
Examples: "MI 75mm Howitzer M2", or "MI Have you shipped my order", etc..
This will help to prevent our Email filters from automatically trashing your email. Nothing under the subject heading is also sent to the trash bind. SPAM is getting to be more of a problem now days.

IF THE EMAIL CONNECTION ABOVE DOES NOT WORK. Just highlight and copy to it to the address line of your email account. Some cheap Internet providers which fill your screen with adds don't allow a direct connection like the one above to work.

IF YOUR EMAIL BOUNCES. Send us a Fax or call by Telephone. (Because of the all the spam on the web some email providers have filters which bounce non spam emails for unknown reasons. Especially HOTMAIL.)

SEND NO ATTACHMENTS WITH YOUR EMAIL, we simply will not open them, because we have had too many problems with them in the past..

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