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If you cannot print our Order Form

You can call us by Telephone, or Email us and we will send you by mail one or more copies of our order form, along with a copy of our sample form and ordering instructions.

But if you have to write out your order, make sure that you include the "Item No." of each product you wish to order from our catalog.

Note that we do not take Credit Cards, so please don't send your Credit Card numbers to us.

(763) 533-8627
(Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm Central Standard Time)

(We will try to reply within 24 hr.)

Followed by description of your email. Examples: "MI 75mm Howitzer M2", or "MI Have you shipped my order", etc..
This will help to prevent our email filters from automatically trashing your email. Nothing under the subject heading is also sent to the trash bind. SPAM is getting to be more of a problem now days.

IF THE EMAIL CONNECTION ABOVE DOES NOT WORK. Just highlight and copy to it to the address line of your email account. Some cheap Internet providers which fill your screen with adds don't allow a direct connection like the one above to work.

IF YOUR EMAIL BOUNCES. Send us a Fax or call by Telephone. (Because of the all the spam on the web some email providers have filters which bounce non spam emails for unknown reasons. Especially HOTMAIL.)

SEND NO ATTACHMENTS WITH YOUR EMAIL, we simply will not open them, because we have had too many problems with them in the past.

Military/Info Home Page How to Order Page