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Emailing Orders

Some customers have discovered a way of sending us an order by Email, which has some advantages. Why? Because, for various reasons they are unable to print out our order form or they find it simpler to send us a Email and then mail us a check or money order.

Procedure: A customer directly copies the information about the item they want to order directly from our catalog using their browser's cut and paste function to their Email message. Then they send the Email and we will confirm it. Then reply that you are sending the money. When you mail us the check, if possible send us a copy of your Email to us or at least reminder to us who you are and when it was sent.

This can be particularly useful when ordering items from our surplus list, to confirm that we still have the item you want.

Note that we do not take Credit Cards, so please don't send your Credit Card numbers to us.

Western Union:

We take Western Union money transfers.
This can be useful for overseas customers.

Money Grams:

We do accept MoneyGrams.
This can also be useful for overseas customers.
You can use them to speed up ordering You can find them on the web at:

Or call them at 1-888-910-3210 (US and Canada).
They have a 100,000 locations world wide

(We will try to reply within 24 hr.)

Followed by a description of your email. Examples: "MI 75mm Howitzer M2", or "MI Have you shipped my order", etc..
This will help to prevent our email filters from automatically trashing your email.Nothing under the subject heading is also sent to the trash bind. SPAM is getting to be more of a problem now days.

IF THE EMAIL CONNECTION ABOVE DOES NOT WORK. Just highlight and copy to it to the address line of your email account. Some cheap Internet providers which fill your screen with adds don't allow a direct connection like the one above to work.

IF YOUR EMAIL BOUNCES. Send us a Fax or call by Telephone. (Because of the all the spam on the web some email providers have filters which bounce non spam emails for unknown reasons. Especially HOTMAIL.)

SEND NO ATTACHMENTS WITH YOUR EMAIL, we simply will not open them, because we have had too many problems with them in the past.

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