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Government and Corporate Orders

We do accept direct orders. You can use your own order forms, just make sure that you include an "Item No." from our this website (which is our online catalog) for each item you order. The cost of shipping is like any of our normal orders.


Military/Info Publishing accepts payment in checks or money orders, but not with credit cards.

We realized that our lack of ability to accept credit cards can be a problem for many Government agencies, but unfortunately that is the situation. Some U.S.Government agencies like the Corps of Engineers and the Defense Department seem to have been able to send us checks in the past, but others like the CIA seem to be unable to use checks. This appears to mainly based on the internal accounting policy of each agency.

If you wish to use credit cards I suggest that you use your normal book service, but explain to them that we often ship unbound manual and books.


If you are planning to send us a large order please contact us by Telephone or Email and discuss the details with us.

Military/Info Home Page How to Order Page