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Two Pages per Sheet

When Military/Info photocopies a manual the pages are normally photo reduced to two pages to per sheet of paper. The prices listed in our catalog reflect this. But on request we can photocopy a manual in other ways.

[Graphic of two pages per sheet]

One Page per Sheet

If you want us to copy one page to one side of a sheet please double the price in our catalog.

[Graphic of one page per sheet]


Normally we don’t bind our photocopies, but on request, we can punch three holes so it can be put in a loose leaf binder, and/or staple it together (2 staples), if possible (up to 150 sheets of paper), for FREE.


Our prices are based on the number of pages in each book. In general we charge 10 cents per book pages, except when the the book has a lot of large fold outs or is just exceptionally difficult to photocopy for all sorts of reasons. All page number and illustration counts are approximate.


Some of the books which we have made available are not in the best of condition or are copies themselves. We try to do the best job we can when photocopying a document. But some documents are more difficult to copy than others. Reasons include tight bindings, toned pages, dark printing on dark backgrounds, odd colored inks, manuals with poor photographs, colored photographs (we do not have a color photocopier), badly wrinkled pages, old books with badly discolored pages, and manuals which some previous owner has marked up (we try to remove this or find a better copy).


Government Documents, in particular military documents, are generally public domain in most cases. An exception being is when the document contains copyrighted material. The document with display a notice saying that the document contains copyrighted material, and generally it will be noted next to the passage in the book. Military/Info is a private business, unlike a public library, we cannot photocopy copyrighted material without permission. It is our policy is to blank out the copyrighted material in the book when only a few sections of the book is involved. But when the book is heavily laced with copyrighted material we will not photocopy the book. None of the books listed in our catalog are heavily laced. We make a note in the catalog if a document has any copyrighted material in it. If we make a mistake about how heavily laced a particular book is in our catalog, we will write you about the problem and will refund your money if necessary. It is unfortunate that we must do this because we do have a number of fine military manuals in our library which have too much copyrighted material for us to photocopy the book.


We have organized our documents under a series of subject heading, for your convenience, rather than just making one long list of manuals. Under each subject heading the manuals are organized, in alphabetical order, first by their U.S.Army designation (FM’s, TM’s, etc.), then followed by manuals with other designations, and finally followed by military books and manuals by civilian authors.

Some entries contain special notes and/or are followed by special notes:

(+Change 1)=“Plus Change number 1” to that particular edition to the manual
(+Change 1-4 (11 October 1977))=Means the same as above. The date is the date of the last change to the manual.
(HTF)=“How to fight” manual, a particularly well done series of manuals done in the 1970’s
(USMC)=“United States Marine Corps” manual
{Item No.}=Is the number used when ordering the manual from Military/Info.

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