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Also see: Camouflage, Civil Defense, Mine Warfare, Nuclear Warfare and Trench Warfare
Hint: Military/Info produces a number of books on Tunnel Warfare and Field Bunker Design.
Hint: We have a very large collection of Pre World War Two fortification manuals above. Including the actually text books used to design the real fortifications of the time. The works by Mahan and Pasley are several examples.
Note: We also sell the following Research Packets which contains many of the manuals, articles, and extracts, in the Military/Info collection concerned with the subject of fortifications, including the above listed manuals.
No.1 Abatis; [Felled tree obstacles] 22 References, 49 pages (7/27/01) Price 20.00 {Item No.8001-3}
No.3 Blockhouses; [Early fighting bunkers] 10 References, 49 pages (6/7/01) Price 10.00 {Item No.8003-3}
No.4 Bombproofs; [Early shelter bunkers] 8 References, 50 pages (1/5/98) Price 10.00 {Item No.8004-2}
No.8 Fortification (WWII German); 20 References, 397 pages (5/15/01) Price 49.00 {Item No.8008-2}
No.9 Fortification (WWII Japanese); 24 Reference 336 pages, 236 illus. (6/22/01) Price 45.00 {Item No.8009-2}
No.21 Antitank Obstacles (Concrete and Steel); 5 References, 41 pages (1/14/97) Price 10.00 {Item No.8021-1}
No.25 Inundations; [Water Obstacles] 6 References, 17 pages (1/8/98) Price 6.00 {Item No.8025-2}
No.31 Barbed Wire Obstacles; 10 References, 283 pages (1/10/98) Price 35.00 {Item No.8031-1}
No.32 Antitank Obstacles (Ditches); 8 References, 37 pages (1/10/98) Price 10.00 {Item No.8032-1}
No.42 Stockades and Palisades; 9 References, 44 pages (1/14/01) Price 10.00 {Item No.8042-1}

Note: This website has over 500 webpages, with over 11,000 military titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years, collected over 50 years. This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which don't know even existed.

Note: We have a built in discount. If you order 1 item or 100 items in an order, the total cost of shipping is the same.That can save a lot of money, in shipping, when ordering a large number of items, like our low cost articles.

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