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Infantry (Vol.47, No.2 April 1957 to Vol.50 No.5 October-November 1960)

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Infantry. Vol.47, No.2 (April 1957); 112 pages, 40+ illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.10835}

Infantry. Vol.47, No.3 (July 1957); 112 pages, 45+ illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.10851}

Infantry. Vol.47, No.4 (October 1957); 112 pages, 59+ illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.10870}

Infantry. Vol.48, No.1 (January 1958); 112 pages, 62 illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.10887}

Infantry. Vol.48, No.2 (April-June 1958); 112 pages, 83 illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.10904}

Infantry. Vol.48, No.3 (July-September 1958); 80 pages, 70 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.10919}

Infantry. Vol.48, No.4 (October-December 1958); 82 pages, 66 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.10939}

Infantry. Vol.49, No.1 (January-March 1959); 80 pages, 72 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.10958}

Infantry. Vol.49, No.3 (July-September 1959); 82 pages, 60 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.10980}

Infantry. Vol.49, No.4 (October-November 1959); 80 pages, 70 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.11004}

Infantry. Vol.50, No.1 (January 1960); 64 pages, 71 illus. Price 7.00 {Item No.11028}

Infantry. Vol.50, No.2 (February-March 1960); 80 pages, 83 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.11050}

Infantry. Vol.50, No.3 (April-May 1960); 70 pages, 56 illus. Price 7.00 {Item No.11077}

Infantry. Vol.50, No.4 (August-September 1960); 78 pages, 87 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.11099}

Infantry. Vol.50, No.5 (October-November 1960); 73 pages, 60 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.10124}

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