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Research Packet No.43: French 75 mm Gun M1897

This reseach packet is divided into six volumes, containing 19 references with a total of 1357 pages and 205+ illustrations. Second edition. Last compiled 15 June 2001.

We are willing to sell this Research Packet is various ways. Either all six volumes for $140.00, {Item No.8043-2}, or as listed below, each volume separately, or as photocopies of the individual manuals which make up the packet.

The following is a list of primary references contained in each of the volumes.

Vol.1 Operating Manuals

344 pages, 30+illus. Price 36.00 {Item No.8043a-2} [7 references]

Vol.2 Maintenance WWI

187 pages, 42 illus. Price 20.00 {Item No.8043b-2} [3 references]

Vol.3 Ordnance Notes

118 pages, 44 illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.8043c-2} [3 references]

Vol.4 Maintenance 1925

209 pages, 39 illus. Price 21.00 {Item No.8043d-2} [2 references]

Vol.5 Maintenance WWII

158 pages, 49 illus. Price 16.00 {Item No.8043e-2} [1 reference]

Vol.6 Ammunition

341 pages, illus., short bibliography Price 35.00 {Item No.8043f-2} [3 references]

Hint: If you are planning to purchase other manuals similar to this research packet it is strongly suggested that you compare your list with what is contained in each of the above volumes.

Packet Subject List Packet Item No. List