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As you can probably note from what we at Military/Info sell, we capable of helping people and organizations doing research on historical military technology. Our products are geared to do that in the first place. If you are looking for information on a particular 'historical military technological' topic Military/Info can possibly help you. We accept requests for assistance on a case by case basis. When our experts have the time available. Also we are not high speed organization, but if we already have experience in the particular area of information you are looking for we maybe of immediate help.

We can create special compilations of documents from our collection in our Research Packet and Fact Sheet Forms. As well as give advice on finding information. With over 50 years of experience our advice can possibly give you ideas on where to look and to save you endless hours of looking. We cannot promise anything, but for the price of you giving Military/Info a telephone call (it's your telephone call, we don't call back, because of the expense), or an email, we can possibly of help.

Even after you already have found a source of information on what you are looking for, but cannot use the reference material out side of the institution you have found it at, you can possibly find the item in our online catalog.

We only charge after we collect the information in our Research Packet, or Fact Sheet format. Then we only charge per page of photocopied material (around 10 cents per page). But do reserve the right to put the item in our catalog for sale to our other customers.

Note: We have been doing this on an informal basis for many years, we are only now making official.

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