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Over the years Military/Info has accumulated a number of extra manuals and books, which we don’t need for our library, and are now offering them for sale. We have them divided up into "Surplus Manuals", "Surplus Bound Photocopies" and "Books".

The ‘Surplus Manuals’ are original, not photocopies, except in a few cases where they have been reprinted by other companies and that will be noted next to the listing. These are used manuals, not always in the best condition, but they are complete. They are all also available as photocopies from us.

The "Surplus Bound Photocopies" are photocopies of books and manuals which are simply perfect or staple bound originally intending only for in house use. We are phasing them out and we are now selling them as surplus at about half what we sell a normal photocopy for, which makes them a bargain.

The ‘Books’ vary from new to used. We have only one copy of anything on this list, unless noted.

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