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Military/Info Order Form Sample

(You can print this form sample to use it as an example.)

Name: John Doe
Address: 1444 River Street North
City: River
State: WI
Zip Code: 55333

Item No. Description Quantity Price Total
1439 FM 12-50 The Band (July 1946) 1 16.00 16.00
1720-B FM 5-33 Terrain Analysis (July 1990) 1   7.50   7.50

Product Subtotal 23.50
Minnesota Residents add 6.5% sales tax  
Shipping Method(A, B,or C) B
Postage and Handling 12.00
Total 36.50

Mail Orders To:

P.O.Box 41211
Plymouth, MN 55441

Make Checks Payable To:


1. Shipping methods: "A" is $6 for US mail, "B" is $18 UPS  (minimum size for a UPS order is $20), "C" is for overseas.
We do not ship UPS to Alaska or Hawaii. For a further detailed explanation of our shipping methods see our ordering instructions webpage.
2. Remember to fill in the Item number of each purchase to help us identify the product you are ordering.
3. Try to fill in the edition date of each item. We often sell many editions of the same manual which makes it confusing for us if you just put the name of the product down.
4. When you order the shipping cost is the same when you order ten items as when you order one item. If you order 1 item or 10 items shipping by US mail is still only $6 for then entire order. So it pays to order more than one item at a time.
5. You do not have to use this order form to order from us, we will accept a letter with the above information on it.


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