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Military Manual Numbering System (U.S.War Department 1938)

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1. Scope.--War Department publications pertaining to training are, as a general rule, issued in the form of Training Regulations, Technical Regulations, Training Manuals, or Field Manuals.

a. Training Regulations.--Training Regulations consist primarily of a series of pamphlets containing only those regulations which govern the training of units provided for by Tables of Organizatino, but may, incidentally, include pamphlets dealing wholly or in part with so much of the training of the individual and the technique of the arm or service as is considered essential to secure the proper degree of unit or team training. Training Regulations will be numbered from 1 to 1000 and referred to, when abbreviated, a TR 140-5, etc.

b. Technical Regulations.--(1)Technical Regulations consist of a series of pamphlets supplementary to Training Regulations and covering subjects of a technical nature, separate treatment of which is considered essential to a fuller accomplishment of the training prescribed in the Training Regulations series. The scope of this series includes--
(a) Pamphlets describing arms, materials, and equipment, and containing instructions for the operation, care, and handling thereof.
(b) Information and instructions as to technical procedure, execlusive of those of an administrative nature.
(c) Especially needed treatises on technical subjects, exclusive of those of an administrative nature.
(2) Technical Regulations will be numbered from 1000 to 2000 and referred to, when abbreviated, as TR 1075, etc. Ordnance Technical Regulations in the 1300 series will consist of regulations prepared for the using arms and services; those in the 1400 series are designed exclusively for the use of the personnel of the Ordnance Department in repairing or maintaining materiel. The number following the dash in the number of Technical Regulations in either the 1300 or 1400 series indicates the caliber of the materiel covered. A letter is added to this number to distinguish between different models or types of materiel of the same caliber. For example, TR 1305-75A covers the 75-mm gun and carriage, M1897 and M1897MI, while TR 1305-75B covers the 75-mm gun and carriage, M1916 and M1916MI. When regulations cover materiel which has no caliber, the letter alone is used to distinguish between regulations in the same series. For example, TR 1330-A covers the 5-ton artillery tractor, M1917; and TR 1330-B the 10-ton artillery tractor, M1917.

c. Training Manuals.--(1) Training Manuals consist of a series of pamphlets published in elaboration of Training Regulations and Technical Regulations and containing instructions on methods of procedure to be followed in the performance of or instruction in certain duties of a training nature. These pamphlets may be in the nature of--
(a) Guidebooks for the specialist.
(b) Self-instruction pamphlets for the student in a specialist duty.
(c) Guidebooks for instructors
(2) Training Manuals will be numbered from 2000 to 3000 and referred to, when abbreviated, as TM 2000-5, etc.

(d) Field Manuals.--Field Manuals consist of a series of pocket-size volumes, containing in convenient and condensed form for ready reference in the field the approved principles, doctrine and methods governing the training and employment of the arms of the Army, together with such data or regulations as are needed by them in the theater of operations. Although designed primarily for use in the field, they are also to be used for training in garrisons and schools, being supplemented where necessary by other authorized publications.

--Source. TR 1-10 Training Publications. List of Training Regulations, Technical Regulations, and Training Manuals, and Field Manuals Published to Date and Distributed Thereof. (January 3, 1938)

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