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Faxing Orders

If you need to you can send us an order by FAX, because either you may not be able to print off our order form, at the moment do not have access to your computer or be unable to use the cut and paste method of sending us an Email order.

Procedure: Write out your order, making sure that you clearly print your return address and that you have the "Item No." of each item you are ordering on your order. Then Fax us your order, mail your check to us, and if possible enclose a copy of the Fax. If you want you can include your Email address so that we can confirm that we have received your Fax. Note that we will not send a confirming Fax back to you because of the expense and the lack of our ability to confirm that you have received the confirming Fax.

We still prefer that you use our order form if possible, because it easier for us to process and will help make sure that you will get what you ordered.

Note that we do not take Credit Cards, so please don't send your Credit Card numbers to us.

(763) 533-8627
(Available 24 hours a day)

WHEN FAXING US DON'T LISTEN FOR A DIAL TONE. Just leave your receiver down, type our Fax number and press the start button on your Fax machine. Let your Fax machine do all the work.

For Faxes phoned in from the Continental United States, we will try to reply by Fax within 24 hours.

Faxes phoned in from outside of the Continental United States we will try to reply to them by either Fax, telephone or letter on a case by case basis.

Military/Info Home Page How to Order Page