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 Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Military/Info Publishing' Beginning

  Military/Info Publishing was founded around 1985, over 20 plus years ago. As an idea, to make military information more available the general public.
 We have been on the web since 1998, now almost 10 years now. 

What has Military/Info Accomplished?

  After 14 years of business we have finally made available over 10,000 items available.
  We have tried to make available as many hard to find items on historical military technology as possible available.
  Last year we made available 236 military manual and 501 article photocopies. Which is somewhat smaller number than we had hoped for.
  This year we have made available 100 military manual and 265 military article photocopies. Which on track but we can try to do better than 2006.

Engaging the Customers

  We would like to do get in contact with more of our customers. I personally like to talk about military topics. My interests range the whole gamut of military history. science and technology. In the near future I am developing a number of new products which I hope will find interesting.

Where is Military/Info Going?

  I plan to make a number of improvements to this website. After being on the web for almost 10 years and having grow to over 500 webpages, maybe over a 1000 typed pages, it needs to be overhauled. But because of it's size that will take sometime at best.

  We hope to be adding more the Freebie Section our website along with many other things.

  In the way the way of our products we hope to update our line of books we produce. After ten years some of them are getting a bit dated and we have collected a lot of information to add to them.

  Also this website is always under construction. But we try to keep a stable format, with no radical change, so a researcher can know where to find what they are looking for over a long period of time.

Trying to Stay Open

  I want to thank all the people who have ordered from us over that the years and allowed to remain in business and keep making more hard to find items available.
  If I actually made more money at this business I have the time to make far more items available.
But you have to work with what you have.


 We have many and have built on them. First we have found (over 10,000), keep finding (50-100 per month), items to make available. Second we have developed many new products (over 300 books, research packet, fact sheets). Third our website has grown to over 500 pages. Fourth we have managed to stay in business doing this over 22 years. Including over 9 years on the web.


  We have not been perfect. We only sell photocopies and many of our customers would like us to sell cd's or downloadable files. Financially we are simply unable to do this.
  A number of people want us to have a search function build into our website to make it easier to search our whole website more quickly. A nice idea but it has a number of problems.
  Lack of voice contact with our customers has been one of real drawbacks of on online business. You set up a website ("robot") and customers interact with it. My customers and I rarely really interact. Mostly Email, occasionally a telephone conversion. Rarely on truly military topics  For a person like myself who has extensive military knowledge and who would prefer to verbally explain it. Writing simply put is a slow onesided conversation, almost like talking to one's self.

1. I hope to be adding things on at least a weekly basis.
2. This page is on Military/Info Publishing as a company.

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