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 Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Military/Info Publishing is Finally Improving it's Bulletin Board Webpage

  Welcome to the new Military/Info Publishing Bulletin board webpage. I have finally got around to launching this thing. We hope to keep this Bulletin Board more up to date that the last one. Because I have a lot of things to say.

  I have been thinking about doing this for years, but realizing how much work it could be to do correctly, I failed to get it started. Procrastination runs in my family and nature. But in the end I have finally throw caution to the wind and have started it.

  Our new and improved Bulletin Board has a number of features which may be of interest you. Check out the Special Feature column on the right for short description of each of the new Special Feature Sections.

  This page is for announcements of was is going on with this website. Page 2 is devoted completely to Comments on the current state of Information research. Page 3 is on what is happening with Military/Info Publishing. Then we are adding a number of special departments, which are listed in the center column of this page.

  This Bulletin board is a cross between a newsletter, blog and freebee. It many be a bit odd because what it is not, but I think it does what I want it to. Don't be surprised to see it change as I develop it. But that will take time. I have lot I want to write about and not much time to do it. Things have to balance between many different tasks in life. And many of them come first, whether I like or not.


The Information Age Page
Military/Info Company Page

Special Departments:
Military/Info Log
Military Quotations
Military Anecdotes
Military Maxims
Military Stratagems of War
Principles of War

Bulletin Board Article Archives
Don't Forget the Military/Info Freebee Section  

I hope you find these special departments useful. It is intended that they will be expanded a bit by bit. If you have comments about them. Email me at:

Notes on the above Special Departments

Don't been surprised if I do or don't add something to the Special Department everyday. I have a huge pile of material to add to it. The conduct of war is a form of technology. Many things about the war are not found in manuals or books. Many are learned the hard way over and over again. Some of them may offend someone. So be it. Also many of them are hard to find proof for. I am not a lawyer, I am just a recorder of information.

Special Department Features

   The special feature pages include: a Log page for my general comments, a Military Quotations page, one for Military Anecdotes, others for Military Anecdotes, Military Maxims, Stratagems, and one devoted to the Principles of war. I think these sections will add spice to the website and possibly provide some insight in the art of war.

  The Log is sort of my rant page. Or page for miscellaneous comments about things, usually concern military things or information. It will also reflect my mood at the time.

  Military Quotations from famous people are often used and misused. They are often in a gallows humor form. They can provide a lot of insight into war.

  Military Anecdotes are short instructive stories from military history or personal experience. Often being true they are stranger than fiction.

  Military Maxims are quick rules for use in war. They are been compiled by many people since ancient times. Often dated, they are still be useful and instructive. If only to show a person how long some problems have been going.

  Stratagems are clever tricks for the battlefield. In Ancient times they were compiled and use constantly. It amazing how often people will fall for the same tricks over and over again

  Principles of War are a attempt to boil the conduct of war down to a few simple rules. They are have mulled over for at least 200 years. An attempt to make a art into a science and back into a art again. Still they can be useful and good reminders about what to pay attention to.

1. I hope to be adding things on at least a weekly basis. Especially under the Special Departments.
2. This is not a political page. War maybe basically political, but to think war is nothing but politics is a mistake.

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