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Some people have suggested to us for us to put our military manuals on CD-Rom's.

We are not going to do it for the following reasons:
A business would eventually go bankrupt trying to produce Military related CD's. I have seen two companies go under trying to sell Military related CD's. There simply not enough of a long term market out there to support the cost of making them. People often don't realize this for the first year or so then they find out the hard way.
Two. CD media is a passing fad. The replacement technology for CD's is already on the horizon and I suspect that within a few decades that it will difficult to find a machine that will be able to read them.
Three. No one knows how long a CD disk will last. The first music CD's were found to only last eight years. Currently they claim that they will last longer, but that is what they say about all new technology to get you to buy it. Then a few years later something is found that self destructs the technology, film is a prime example of that, they cannot even keep very valuable films from having problems. A book, even printed on common paper will last up to a century and good, acid-free paper, four centuries.
Four. You need electricity to run a CD. If you need to read them without power, you are out of luck.

 Note: I wrote this years ago and I still feel the same way.


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