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Note: We also sell the following Research Packets which contains all of the manuals, articles, and extracts, in the Military/Info collection on the following Railway Artillery weapons and Operations, including the above listed manuals.
No.64 US 14-inch Railway Guns; 17 References, 586 pages, 240+illus. (3/4/02) Price 64.00 (Edition no.2) {Item No.8064-2}[Supplement available for owners of edition no.1; 4 Reference, 164 pages, 62 illus. Price 20.00 {Item No.8064-S1}]
No.65 US 12-inch Railway Guns and Howitzers; 12 References, 283 pages, 128 illus. (3/4/02) Price 32.00 {Item No.8065-2}
No.66 US 12-inch Railway Mortars; 7 References, 154 pages, 52 illus. (3/4/02) Price 20.00 {Item No.8066-2}
No.67 US 8-inch Railway Guns; 7 References, 184 pages, 54 illus. (3/4/02) Price 24.00 {Item No.8067-2}
No.68 Railway Artillery Operations; 6 References, 202 pages, 52 illus. (8/3/01) Price 35.00 {Item No.8068-1}
No.88 German Railway Artillery (WWI); 9 References, 217 pages, 138 illus. (5/3/02) Price 25.00 {Item No.8088-1}
No.90 French Railway Artillery (WWI); 42 References, 217 pages, 185 illus.(7/5/02) Price 26.00 {Item No.8090-1}
No.91 British Railway Artillery (WWI); 9 References, 51 pages, 21 illus. (7/12/02) Price 10.00 {Item No.8091-1}

Hint: Look in our Artillery (Railway) Article Photocopy list, we have a large number of articles extracted from the above Ordnanace Dept.Doc.No.2034 Railway Artillery volumes and other documents.
Hint: The following manual actually has a chapter on how to really design a railway artillery piece recoil mechanism. Ordnance Dept.Doc.No.2035 Theory and Design of Recoil Systems and Gun Carriages (September 1921); 1011 pages, 100+illus. Price 100.00 {Item No.4087}[Includes: Chapter I. Introduction and Elements - Types of Cannon and Carriages - Classification of Carriages and Recoil Systems. Chapter II. Dynamics of Interior Ballistic as Affecting Recoil Design - The Parabolic Trajectory. Chapter III. External Reaction on Carriage during Recoil - Stability - Jump. Chapter IV. Internal Reactions throughout a Gun Carriage during Recoil and Counter Recoil. Chapter V. Hydraulic Principles as Applied to Various Systems of Recoil and Counter Recoil - General Theories of Orifices and Flow of Oil. Chatper VI. The Dynamics of Recoil and Counter Recoil - Differential Equations of Resistance, Braking, ect. and Velocity - General Formulas for Recoil and Counter Recoil. Chapter VII. Classification of Recoil Systems - Derivation of General Formulas for Design and Computation - General Limitations, ect.. Chapter VIII. Hydro-pneumatic Recoil Systems. Chapter IX. Hydro-pneumatic Recoil Systems (Continued). Chapter X. Railway Gun Carriages. Chapter XI. Gun Lift Carriages. Chapter XII. Double Recoil Systems. Chapter XIII. Miscellaneous Problems - Discussions of Various Types of Carriages. General Design Procedure][This is a complex Engineering textbook]

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