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Pre WWI Vintage (Before 1914)

Military Manual Photocopies available from Military/Info
The "Lost and Found Department", of Historical Military Technology, in business for over 20 years now.

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Hint: We sell photocopies of a number of excellent manuals on Ordnance and Gunnery, from this period, listed on our Ordnance - General .webpage.
We also sell the following Research Packets which contains all of the manuals, articles, and extracts, in the Military/Info collection on the following Pre World War One (1914) artillery pieces, including the above listed manuals.
No.43 French 75-mm Gun M1897; [The "French 75" of WWI Fame] 19 References, 1357 pages, 205+illus. [In 6 volumes] (6/15/01) Price 150.00 {Item No.8043-2} [We also sell this Research Packet in separate volumes] [More details]
No.51 US 3-inch Gun M1902; 4 References, 281 pages, 83 illus. (4/6/01) Price 32.00 {Item No.8051-1}
No.54 US 4.7-inch Gun M1905, M1906, M1917, M1918; 4 References, 260 pages, 70+illus. Price 30.00 {Item No.8054-1}
No.55 British 2.95-Inch Vickers-Maxim Mountain Gun; 7 References, 151 pages, 46 illus. (5/4/01) Price 20.00 {Item No.8055-1}
No.56 US 1.65-inch Mountain Gun; 3 References, 37 pages, 13 illus.(5/11/01) Price 6.00 {Item No.8056-1}[Also called the Hotchkiss 2-pounder Mountain Gun]
No.57 US 3.2-inch Field Gun; 4 References, 196 pages, 44 illus. (5/18/01) Price 24.00 {Item No.8057-1}[Models 1885 to 1897]
No.58 US 3.8-inch Gun Model of 1907; 4 References, 271 pages, 44 illus. (5/25/01) Price 32.00 {Item No.8058-1}
No.59 US 7-inch Siege Howitzer Models 1890 and 1898; 4 References, 143 pages, 27 illus. (6/8/01) Price 19.00 {Item No.8059-1}
No.60 US 5-inch Siege Gun Models 1890 and 1898; 4 References, 137 pages, 24 illus. (6/8/01) Price 19.00 {Item No.8060-1}
No.61 US 7-inch Mortar Model of 1892; 4 References, 79 pages, illus. (6/15/01) Price 12.00 {Item No.8061-1}
No.62 US 3.6-inch Mortar Model of 1890; 4 References, 90 pages, illus. (6/22/01) Price 14.00 {Item No.8062-1}
No.63 US 6-inch Howitzer Model 1908; 3 references, 192 pages, 36 illus. (6/29/01) Price 24.00 {Item No.8060-1}

Note: This website has over 500 webpages, with over 11,000 military titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years, collected over 50 years. This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which don't know even existed.

Note: We have a built in discount. If you order 1 item or 100 items in an order, the total cost of shipping is the same.That can save a lot of money, in shipping, when ordering a large number of items, like our low cost articles.

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