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Tunnel Warfare Vol.4  Asian Tunnel Warfare

Book Supplement

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10 References, 167 pages, 84 illustrations. {Item No.15s} Price $18.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

A collection of photocopied documents supplementing the volume 4 of our Tunnel Warfare Series. Adding an articles and extracts on the technology of Tunnel Warfare in Asia.


1.  Intelligence Bulletin Vol.III, No.9 (May 1944); Cover, Pages 17-25 "The Bamban Hills" [Japanese Cave fortifications overlooking Clarke Field Airbase in the Phillippines during World War II]

2.  Intelligence Bulletin Vol.III, No.3 (November 1944); Pages 28-37 "Japanese Cave Defenses on Biak Island"

3.  Intelligence Bulletin Vol.III, No.12 (August 1945); Pages 46-63 "The Jap Hides In", Also Pages 1-15

4.  War Department. TC 34  Reduction of Japanese Cave Type Fortifications (11 August 1945); All

5.  War Department. Tactical and Technical Trends, No.58 "Japs Continue Extensive Use of Cave Fortifications" (May 1945); Pages 21-26

6.  NAVMC 1046-DPP  The Marine Rifle Squad (1954); Pages 185-190

7.  HQ, Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam. Lessons Learned No.25 (17 December 1962); All  [Village Search Procedures]

8.  United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Lessons Learned No.56 "Operations Against Tunnel Complexes" (18 April 1966); All

9.  HQ, Department of the Army. FM 20-20  Military Dog Training and Employment (May 1967); Pages 118-122

10.  HQ, Department of the Army  FM 90-8  Counterguerrilla Operations (August 1986); Pages A-1 to A-15 [Appendix A "Subsurface Operations"]

Plus Additional Bibliographical References

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