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Farrow's Military Encyclopedia (1885) (Vol.1)

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Farrow's Military Encyclopedia was compiled as a labor of love by Edward S. Farrow, an instructor at West Point. Designed to be a complete reference of hard to find information covering all aspects of military and many other subjects in one set of books.

Vol.I. (Abaca to Gyves); 821 pages, 500+ illus. plus 37 plates of illustration. Price 86.00 {Item No.4881}

1. There are many more pages to come. This is a very large and complex document and will take some time to make available.
2. This book is a wealth of information on 1880 vinatage military technology and miscellaneous military knowledge. Including the origins of many obsure military terms. The above is only a sample of notes on what it contains.
3. The definitions on each page run from a line or two, for many of them, to several pages some of them.
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