Our Subjects  include:

  Personnel Classification
  Service Records
  Graves Registration
  Postal Service
Airborne Operations
  Pre WWII Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Post WWII Vintage
Airmobile Operations
American Civil War Vintage
Amphibious Operations
Animal Transportation
Antiarmor Weapons and Tactics
  PreWWII Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Post WWII Vintage
  Tank Armament
Artillery (Field)
Pre WWI Vintage
WWI Vintage
WWII Vintage
Post WWII Vintage
Firing Tables
Target Acquisition
Fire Control
Artillery (Coast)
  Pre WWI Vintage
  WWI Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Fire Control
Artillery (Railway)
Artillery (Rocket and Guided Missile)
  Pre WWII Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Post WWII Vintage
  Aircraft Armament
  Balloons, Blimps, and Airships
Cavalry (Horse Mounted)
  The Horse
  Weapons (Mounted)
Charts and Tables
Chemical Warfare
  Medical Aspects
Civil and Public Affairs
Civil Defense
Cold Weather Operations
  Visual Signals
  Direction Finders
  Signal Generators
  Code and Keying
  Test Equipment
  Carrier Pigeons
Desert Operations
Drill and Ceremonies
Electronic Warfare
Explosives and Demolitions
Engineer Handbooks
Engineer Intelligence
Roads, Airfield, Bridges and Bases
Engineer Operations
Equipment (Personal and Unit)
Escape, Evasion and Survival
  Power Generators
  Signal Power Generators
  Power Supplies
  Generator Motors
Guard Duty
Guerrilla Warfare
  Pre WWI Vintage
  WWI Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Korean War Vintage
  Pentomic Vintage
  Vietnam War Vintage
  Cold War Vintage
  U.S.Marine Corps
  Terrain Intelligence
  Reconnaissance  and Surveillance
  Aerial Photography
  Technical Intelligence
Jungle Operations
Large Units (Division and Larger)
Ammunition Management
Food Management (Mess Operations)
Maintenance and Repair
  Motor Vehicle
  Metal Working
  Wood Working
  Personal Equipment Repair
  Utility Repair
Petroleum Handling
  Aidman, Corpsman, Medic
  Chemical Casualties
  First Aid
Military Manual and Film Lists
Military Police
Mine Warfare
 Land Mines
 Water Mines
Mountain Operations
Naval Ordnance
Night Operations
Night Vision Equipment
Nuclear Warfare
  Defensive Shelters
  Radiation Monitoring
  Radiation Monitoring Devices
  Pre WWI Vintage
  WWI Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Post WWII Vintage
Design, Manufacture and Testing
Packing and Preservation
Recoil Mechanisms
Weapons Effects
Other Forces
Physical Training
Prisoners of War
Psychological Warfare
Ranger Operations
Riot Control
River Crossing
Security (Physical)
Soldier and Sailor Handbooks
Special Collections
  National Guard Regulations (1925)
Special Forces
Staff Operations
  WWI Vintage
  WWII Vintage
  Post WWII Vintage
  Training Plans
Trench Warfare
Urban Operations
War Dogs
Weapons (Infantry)
Ammunition (Small Arms)
Antitank Guided Missiles
Bayonet and Edged Weapons
Grenades (Hand and Rifle)
Grenade Launchers
Hand to Hand Combat
Infantry Guns
Machine Guns
Pistols and Revolvers
Recoilless Rifles
Rocket Launchers
Submachine Guns
Other Weapons

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Previous Announcements updated. Unfortunately because of what the various crises has done to our sales Military/Info will have to shut down it's website and stop taking emails as of 11 June 2024. So if you want something please order now before it will become far more difficult to find. After that date our postal mail box and telephone will remain open for a time. Orders which have already been received by 15 June 2024 will be honored. Orders received after that date will be otherwise returned.

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Welcome to the military technology "Lost and Found Department", providing hard to find documents for over 30 years now.
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We have largest number of out of print military manuals and articles listed for sale on the web. With over 11,000 titles available, organized into over 200 subject headings, covering a period of over 200 years.

This website is designed to be browsed so you can discover interesting documents which you have never even heard about before. It also has over 500 webpages. We have been collecting documents for around 50 years now. So enjoy.

You are challenged you to expand your research horizons rather than be trapped in the key hole view which search engines have become on the web. Instead of just looking of one thing and leaving, you have the opportunity to explore the real depths and complexity of a subject. This website opens that door. You will be amazed a how much has been lost and forgotten. Instead of reinventing the wheel you have the opportunity of rediscovering and making use of the information which was compiled in the past. The future is not just coming, it is often been written in the past.

Our website is also designed for high speed browsing. Unlike many sites, it has very little in the way of useless graphics to slow down browsing. Even on a dial up connection, this site's webpages can be loaded quickly, moving from page to page can be very fast on a high speed connection. It is also designed to fit on any mobile device, being able to expand and contract automatically to fit in the screen. We had that feature many years before mobile devices were even around. While this website may look a bit backward, it was ahead of its time in design.Still today it incorporates an number of advanced features which are not found in far more fancy looking websites.While this website is designed for researchers who are interested in doing serious research on military subjects, it is also a great resource for anyone who wishes to study military historical technology.

This website is designed with the researcher and author in mind. Constructed with the experience of over 50 years of searching. We are designed to find and discover military historical technological information of the rare sort.

Also notice, we have no distracting popup ads, page redirectors, or external advertising, to make your research life miserable. Our website uses plain, clear, black and white letters, with a bit of light gray on occasion, so it can be read easly. We even have human beings who can be called by telephone, who can possibly help you find what you are looking for.

We also keep this website stable, not following the current fashion of the times, to make it easier for customers to remember how to look through it, and find things. It is troublesome to have to relearn a website everytime you look at it.

The each of the underlined words, in black column to the left, links to one of the subject headings in the Military/Info catalog.

The numbers in the contents above show how many items we have for sale under each category.


We publish 33 books. On subjects ranging from Tunnel Warfare to World War Two Infantry Antitank Weapons. General topics include: Tunnel Warfare, Bunkers and Fallout shelters, Tactical Books, US Armored Forces in WWII, and Infantry Antiarmor Weapons.

Recently we have started to publish supplements to our books, Which update our books. For each book in in Tunnel Warfare series has a additional volume filled with additional articles which have been found since our publication of the series. See our Tunnel Warfare: Asian Tunnel Warfare Supplement

We print on demand, so the items on our book list are always available.

See our book list


Our photocopies of out of print military manuals and articles are the core of our business: We have over 11,000 titles available, on subjects ranging from Personnel Classification to Weather. Including subjects like Artillery, Horse Mounted Cavalry, War Dogs, and Machine Guns. The column on the left lists over 200 of our subject topics.

We have over 5000 different military manual and book titles available: We strive to make rare and difficult to find military manuals and books available to researchers and the general public. We have many hard to find technical manuals on pieces of equipment ranging from artillery to optics. Checkout our subject list in the black column on the left. Currently we are adding 200 military manuals to our list per year.

Also available are over 5700 different military article titles available: Which we photocopy from military periodicals or books. We are especially strong on World War Two topics: Including WWII vintage military periodicals like the: Infantry School Mailing List, Intelligence Bulletin, and Technical and Tactics Trends. Our Article Subject List, organizes our thousands of articles, and is arranged in detail on German and Japanese World War Two subjects. Military/Info also has a large number of articles extracted from books on Military Ordnance. Including for example: Ordnance and Gunnery by J.G.Benton (1867), Ordnance and Gunnery. by W.Tschappat (1917), Coast Artillery (ODD No.2042)(1922) and Railway Artillery (ODD No.2334)(1921). Also available are a large number of articles from diverse sources like: Military Engineering (Vol.1). by D.H.Mahan (1865), Climate and Weather in Naval Flight Operational Zones (1944)Construction in the Theater of Operations (1944) (which contains complete construction prints for most U.S.Army World War Two buildings), and Staff Officers Field Manual. Organizational, Technical and Logistical Data (1943).We are currently adding over 600 article titles a year and constantly expanding our sources of information.

We photocopy on demand, so everything on our photocopy lists are always available.

See our military manual photocopy subject list
See our article photocopy subject list
See our full list of periodical and book extract sources
See our list of non english language documents

Research Packets:

We sell 115 Research Packets on specialized military subjects. They are collections of photocopies on subjects ranging from artillery to dog handling. Grouped under the following topics: Field Artillery, Coast Artillery, Railway Artillery, Horse Mounted cavalry, Engineering (especially fortifications), Mine Warfare, Japanese Forces in WWII, Infantry Weapons, and other Miscellaneous Subjects from Early Tank Operation (WWI vintage) to Military Sking and Dog Sleding

Research Packets contain photocopies of all the information we have a subject. The information is extracted from a number of different references and often consists of hundreds of pages of almost impossible to find information. They are for someone who is serious studying a subject.

We print Research Packets when we receive an order, so they are always available.

See our research packet subject list

Fact Sheets:

Also available are 220 Fact Sheets which contain concise information on particular weapons and equipment. They are a smaller version of our Research Packets, their subjects range from Air Defense to Submachine Guns. Grouped under the following topics: Air Defense, Ammunition, Antiarmor Weapons and Tactics, Armored Vehicles, WWI Field Artillery, WWII Field Artillery, Rockets and Guided Missiles, Radios, Mine Warfare, German WWII Forces, Japanese WWII Forces, Hand Grenades, Grenade Launchers, Infantry Guns, Machine Guns, Mortars, Pistol and Revolvers, Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Miscellaneous subjects from the Japanese Bangalore Torpedo to the German X-4 WWII Air to Air Guided Missile.

Fact Sheets are a compact source of information. They are modeled after weapons data sheets found in many ordnance books, but with far more information. They range from a picture and paragraph for our small version to the large version which may have dozens of pictures and up to twenty or more pages of text.

We print our Facts sheets when we receive an order, so they are always available.

See our fact sheet subject list

Research Support:

As you can probably note from what we at Military/Info sell, we capable of helping people and organizations doing research on historical military technology. Our products are geared to do that in the first place. If you are looking for information on a particular 'historical military technological' topic Military/Info can possibly help you. We accept requests for assistance on a case by case basis.

See Research Support for details


We have webpages of information on military subjects which we give away free.

Some of the favorite ones include:
Napoleon's Maxims
Murphys Laws of Combat
Roger Rangers Rules

See our Freebie page

Links to other useful Websites:

We also have a select number of useful links to other sites which contain information on military topics. Both government and private sites. Including of interesting specialized websites.

See our Links page


We have a built in discount for orders. Inside in the United States our shipping is the same no matter how many items are ordered. Inside of the 48 states, shipping is $6 US Mail or $18 UPS for an entire order even if you order a hundred items. Note the minimum size of an UPS order is $10.

We are mail order business. We do not accept credit cards or paypal. We do accept checks, money orders, cash, western union and moneygrams. Since we are mainly print on demand, a credit card would simply not speed up the ordering process.

Because of the nature of the times we have a number restrictions on ordering some the items on our lists. Those restrictions are stated on individual subject webpages. Also we have restrictions on where and what we ship outside of the United States.

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We have the ability to answer complex questions concerning military manuals and enjoy helping with serious historical research on military technology.

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